Butucarbin's core business is to facilitate and coordinate a range of community programs to strengthen Aboriginal individuals, families and communities.

On offer are:

  • A range of accredited and non-accredited group programs, and
  • Support Services that are tailored to meet individuals and families needs.



Current Programs
TAFE accredited

  • Access to work and training- (cooking)
  • Aboriginal Cultural Arts- (Cert III)            



Non accredited

  • Women's capacity Building (sewing)
  • Community capacity Building (sewing)
  • Children's Aboriginal Cultural activities
  • Youth Choir classes

Accessing Programs

If you are interested in doing an accredited program please:

  1. Contact Butucarbin on 9832 7167
  2. Enrolment is in early February, and/or late July.

If you are interested doing a non-accredited program please contact Butucarbin staff on 9832 7167, during office hours.

If you need support services, to write job applications, or support letters, for example, you can contact staff at Butucarbin on 9832 7167, to make an appointment.