ACBAG Aboriginal Capacity Building Advisory Group
ACSO Aboriginal Customer Service Officer
ACLO Aboriginal Community Liaison Officer
ACW Aboriginal Case Worker
AEO Aboriginal Education Officer
AECG Aboriginal Education Consultative Group
AIFBS Aboriginal Intensive Family-Based Service
ALO Aboriginal Liaison Officer
AMS Aboriginal Medical Service
CHF Child & Family Health
CHN Child Health Nurse
CFHW Child & Family Health Worker
CHC Community Health Centre
CPO Community Programs Officer
CSC Community Services Centre
DEC Department of Education & Communities
DOCS Department of Community Services
NCAPP New Careers for Aboriginal People Program
NGO Non-Government Organisation
NFP Not For Publication
OIPC Office of Indigenous Policy & Coordination
SWAHS Sydney West Area Health Service
TAFE Technical & Further Education
UWS University of Western Sydney

The term Aboriginal is inclusive of both Aboriginal &
Torres Strait Islander people.